Persons arms filled with pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

What Your Favourite Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Says About You

Zodiac signs? Birth charts? Nah. Just check the freezer if you want to know somebody’s true self. Whether you’re a diehard Phish Food fan or a Cookie Dough lover through and through, we like to think we can tell a lot about a person by their favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour. Let’s see what you’re all about, ice cream lover:

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Half Baked

    You’re a faded band t-shirt kind of person. You’re cool and relaxed, but always up for a good time — even if that good time means driving 3 hours to see a show with your crew. Your friends look to you for cool-kid style inspo and advice on how to not sweat the small stuff. Like ice cream stains on your favourite jeans.

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

    Your friends know they can count on you for everything from help with installing their air conditioner to recommending a kick-butt sundae recipe. After breakups, friend fights, and tough days at work, you’re always there with a listening ear and a bowl of their favourite ice cream flavour (topped with your famous homemade caramel sauce, of course).

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Cookie Dough

    You’re the life of the party, dough lover! You love a good time, whether it’s a night out on the town or an afternoon of crafting and cheesy rom-coms with your besties. You keep the group chat exciting with all your great ideas. Hiking to that beautiful lookout, then ice cream at the top? We’re in!

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Phish Food

    Your motto is “it’s so crazy, it might just work.” Just like the visionary Flavor Gurus who knew that marshmallow, chocolate, and caramel would make an earth-shattering ice cream flavour, you knew that you could use your travel coffee mug to keep your ice cream pint cold when you’re out and about. Genius! Keep the great ideas coming, marshmallow lover.

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Strawberry Cheesecake

    Remember how we said that zodiac signs and birth charts aren’t the best way to know somebody? You scoffed when you read that because you know for a fact that those are the only ways to truly know someone. You read your friends’ auras, love forest bathing, and have 12 crystals on your person at this very moment — including a quartz ice cream spoon.

  • Your Favourite Flavour: Cookies on Cookie Dough Non-Dairy

    You’re a people person through and through. At parties, your friends never even see you because you’re having too much fun meeting new folks and swapping stories. You’re passionate about inclusion and want to make sure everyone feels like part of the action. Just like how Non-Dairy flavours open up a whole new world of possibilities for dessert lovers, you make everyone around you feel welcome and loved.